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Atanta Audubon Society Volunteers

Atlanta Audubon Society depends

heavily on volunteers. We have some very important volunteer opportunities that need to be filled. Please take a look and let us know if you are interested in volunteering for these programs! We need you!


To volunteer, send an email with your name, phone number, and area of interest to Nikki or to the contact person listed with some of our activities. An AAS member will contact you with details of ongoing opportunities or when we need your help for specific events. Join us in making a difference!


Already Volunteering? Click here to report your volunteer hours.


Here are some other things we do:


bullet We lead :: Practically every day on weekends and even on some weekdays, Atlanta Audubon holds walks to avian hotspots. Such walks are led by people who are particularly knowledgeable about birds but accept no fees for their services. We visit parks such as Stone Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Murphey Candler, Cochran Shoals, Constitution Lakes, Reynolds Nature Preserve, Hard Labor Creek, Sweetwater and many others. Maybe you'd like to lead a walk yourself! We also need volunteers to spread publicity about walks in newspapers, on web sites and blogs, at birding supply and nature stores - anywhere where people interested in birds might see them.


bullet We work at festivals and other events :: We are always in need of people who can help at festivals and events throughout north Georgia. Volunteers set up displays and staff our table. People who visit the table seek information about Audubon but they also may want tell you about the bluebirds in their yard and the ducks on their pond. And they might seek your help in identifying "a funny little brown bird" that has been hanging around their bushes! To see a listing of our needs at festivals and how you can help click here!


bullet We party! :: The culmination of the Audubon year is the annual holiday party in early December, which takes different forms in different years. If you like to plan parties, we could use your talents.


bullet We put out a newsletter :: Ten times a we publish a newsleter that goes to all AAS members, and we're always looking for articles written by volunteers. Perhaps you'd like to tell us about all those fabulous birds you saw on your trip to Alaska or South America or would like to expound on some bird-related issue. There's also room for your talents if you like to take pictures or do artwork.


bullet We educate :: Audubon's education coordinator conducts classes for children and can often use a hand with preparation and presentations. Our future is with our young people!


bullet We clean up :: Audubon sometimes cooperates with other organizations in helping to improve areas that need it, including the Atlanta Beltline, Constitution Lakes and other places that have bird habitat and help the public commune with nature.


bullet We talk :: Volunteers are needed to create and present information to various groups about birds and what we can do to help them. Topics include Important Bird Areas, shade-grown coffee, the Wildlife Sanctuary Program, greenspace initiatives and most any other bird-related topic that comes to mind. If you have expertise, maybe you'd like to share it.


bullet We count :: Each year we take to the field in the Christmas bird counts throughout the metro area and share the results. Join thousands of people across the country in the longest-running citizen science survey in the world as we provide critical data on population trends. We also take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count on Feb. 14, an event in which you count birds at a site of your own choosing.


bullet We govern :: AAS is governed by a board of up to 18 members that meets monthly. All board members are birders, of course, but many also have special expertise in such areas as conservation, law, fund-raising and investments. Maybe you have a particular area of knowledge that would be useful to the organization.


bullet We make friends :: Whether you are pouring wine at an Audubon social event, leading a bird walk on a nippy morning or doing any one of numerous other tasks, you will have a chance to interact with your fellow birders. Come join us!


bullet If hands-on work is your thing, maybe you would like to help our IBA coordinator, Charlie Muise, phone 678-967-9924. Charlie has tasks for you such as helping band birds and harvesting grass seed. For more information on the IBA program, please see: Georgia IBA Program Page.