Our Mission and Programs


The mission of Atlanta Audubon Society is to protect Georgia’s birds and their habitats through education, conservation, and advocacy.

Atlanta Audubon Society is a member-supported, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Georgia’s birds and their habitats. We are a thriving, bird-focused organization that combines serious conservation, education, advocacy with activities that build community and foster the joy of birding.


Atlanta Audubon serves all 20 metro Atlanta counties and areas of North Georgia. With a committed staff, a focused board, and a flock of talented volunteers, Atlanta Audubon strives to share our passion with others to connect people with nature and to inspire everyone to be stewards of birds and the environment. We build trust and credibility by being honest, hardworking, and responsible with rigorous attention to sound science and long-term thinking.

Just as bird diversity strengthens ecosystems, the diversity of human experiences, traditions, and viewpoints strengthen our conservation, education, and advocacy efforts.



Atlanta: A Bird-Friendly Community


Where birds thrive, people prosper. From Atlanta's urban center to its suburbs and rural areas, each neighborhood can provide important habitat for birds. In turn, birds offer us a richer, more beautiful, and healthful place to live.


Atlanta Audubon Society is committed to delivering programs and supporting work that adheres to National Audubon Society's Bird-Friendly Community vision:


"A bird-friendly community engages diverse audiences, from cities to rural settings, in meaningful experiences to learn about and take action to conserve native birds. By reducing hazards, providing healthy habitat, and with active support from residents, policy-makers, and other civic stakeholders, bird-friendly communities support the full life-cycle conservation of birds, and are an essential part of a broader network of bird-friendly communities and other conservation initiatives."




Conservation Programs that support our mission:


Wildlife Sanctuary Certification Program – Led by volunteers, this program helps property owners learn how to improve their grounds for birds and other wildlife. Volunteer certifiers well-versed in habitat needs and native plants visit properties and consult with property owners. 


Nest Boxes for Nuthatches – This statewide project with the Georgia Audubon Council helps provide nesting opportunities for the declining, climate-endangered Brown-headed Nuthatch.


Project Safe Flight Atlanta – Launched in April 2015, Project Safe Flight Atlanta serves to monitor and assess bird collisions with buildings, windows, and other human-made structures to better understand how people can make metro-Atlanta a more bird-friendly area.  


Shade-grown Coffee – Coffee plants naturally grow in the understory of forests of warmer climates, providing habitat for Neotropical migratory birds. Our partner, Café Campesino, a Georgia coffee roaster, works with us to provide organic, shade-grown coffee by the pound to consumers. 


Education Programs that support our mission: 


Birding and Natural History Workshops – From birding 101 to warbler identification, we provide several classes every year that improve bird watching skills and expand knowledge of the natural world.


Birding Walks and Field Trips – We offer over 125 free bird walks and field trips all over the metro-Atlanta area for all skill levels.


Master Birder Program – An intensive 6-week course in ornithology and birding for those ready to take the next step in birding. Graduates stay involved by volunteering a minimum of 10 hours per year.


Learning About Birds Youth Programs – School, homeschool, and scout group programs based on our own Learning About Birds bilingual (English/Spanish) curriculum. The curriculum is made up of 13 units and follow Georgia’s learning standards for science. 


Connecting Students with STEM through Birds -- Atlanta Audubon’s project Connecting Students with STEM through Birds works with schools in underserved communities to create outdoor classrooms and to provide training and resources for teachers to connect students with STEM and other subjects through the study of birds. The goal of our project is twofold, to create bird-friendly habitat that can be enjoyed as outdoor learning areas and to raise environmental awareness and action in the school community and beyond.



Professional Development for Educators – We offer training opportunities for formal classroom teachers and informal educators for our Learning About Birds curriculum, the Flying WILD curriculum, bird watching skills, and citizen science.


Community Outreach and Speaker Presentations – Staff and volunteers spread the word about birds at festivals, conferences, and community events, as well as give informative speaker presentations on a variety of bird-related topics.


Advocacy Programs that Support our mission:


Encouraging public agencies and private landowners to create and maintain bird-friendly places.


Educating policy makers and the public on issues that affect birds and habitat.


In cooperation with partner organizations, responding to environmental threats that affect birds and their habitats.


Supporting programs that mitigate the effects on birds of climate change and other human-caused threats.