Nominating a Site


If you know of an area in Georgia that you think would qualify as an IBA site, follow these steps:


>> Check the List of IBA Sites to see if the site has already been designated. If so, let the IBA Coordinator know that you have supporting information.


>> If the site has not been nominated, follow the Criteria List and Nomination Form page and download the files.


>> Check to make sure that the prospective IBA site fulfills at least one of the IBA criteria and then print and complete the Nomination Form to the best of your knowledge. Mail it to the address on the form.


The decisions on which sites will be designated as IBAs are made near the end of the year. Thank you for all of your time and effort to help save our birds!


View PDF of North American Bird Conservation Regions


For more information on the Georgia IBA program including questions on nominating a sites, please contact Georgia IBA Coordinator Charlie Muise via Email or via phone 678-967-9924.