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Connecting Students with STEM through Birds


Birds - beautiful, fascinating, and accessible -

provide the perfect opportunity to engage people in outdoor exploration and learning. Connecting people with the birds around them instills empathy and connection with the natural world that leads people to greater stewardship of our planet. What better place to foster an appreciation of birds and engage people in local conservation activities than in our schools?


Atlanta Audubon’s project Connecting Students with STEM through Birds works with schools in underserved communities to create outdoor classrooms and to provide training and resources for teachers to connect students with STEM and other subjects through the study of birds. The goal of our project is twofold, to create bird-friendly habitat that can be enjoyed as outdoor learning areas and to raise environmental awareness and action in the school community and beyond through the lens of birds.


Through the generosity of the Morgens Foundation, Atlanta Audubon will implement our project with two schools during the spring of 2017. With additional funding, we will expand this program to other schools in future years. The funding will provide the following for each school:


  • a bird-friendly outdoor learning area with nest boxes and low-maintenance native plantings

  • two complete sets of our bilingual Learning About Birds curriculum, aligned with Georgia Performance Standards, including student handouts and teacher lesson plans

  • training for teachers on how to incorporate birds into STEM and other disciplines

  • in-house programs for students with Atlanta Audubon naturalists

  • a bird-banding demonstration by Atlanta Audubon’s Director of Conservation

  • bird-themed books and field guides for the school library

  • coordination of a community event to include birds walks, habitat improvement, and other activities


If you would like more information about this program, please email Melanie at We are currently seeking additional funding for the 2017-2018 school year. If you are interested in supporting this meaningful project with a gift that benefits both birds and people, please contact Michelle at