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Based on our Learning About Birds (LAB) curriculum, our fun, interactive programs cover a variety of topics and are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards in science and other disciplines. We are happy to work with you to present a topic that works well with your curriculum or simply to take the students out bird watching, providing binoculars for them to use. Programs are tailored to accomodate the ages and interests of the group. Some of our most popular programs include:



Ten Common Birds of Atlanta

With over 250 species of birds found throughout the year in metro Atlanta, learning to identify them can seem overwhelming to a beginning birdwatcher. By focusing on a small, manageable number of common local species, students will gain confidence in their overall identification skills. In this program, students will learn how to identify common birds by sight and sounds and compare and contrast characteristics of each. An interactive class session can be followed by a bird walk to see what birds we can find! Binoculars are provided.


What Makes a Bird…a Bird?

In this lesson, students will learn about the traits that separate birds from other groups of animals, identifying different bird adaptations and their functions. Hands-on activities will give students an appreciation for what it is like to be a bird, and they will be able to touch and examine feathers, nests, and other bird biofacts to better understand the natural history of birds.


Mysteries of Migration

Migration is a fascinating and mysterious phenomenon that plays a critical role in the lives of numerous species of birds, many accomplishing staggering feats of flight during their annual journeys. In this lesson, students will explore the topic of migration and then participate in their own “migration challenge” to see if they survive their perilous journey.


Nature's Fantastic Flying Machines

How do birds fly? Birds have many features besides wings that enable them to fly. Learn about the adaptations and physics that allow birds to accomplish amazing feats of flight through hands-on activities and a close-up look at bird biofacts. 


All About Owls 

Most people seem to be fascinated by owls. Predatory, mainly nocturnal birds with specialized adaptations for hunting, owls are found in almost all types of habitats and play a key role in their ecological communities. In this program, students will learn about Georgia’s native owl species, exploring their unique features and their importance in the food web. An interactive game will give students the opportunity to investigate the food web firsthand. For a small additional charge, students can dissect an owl pellet. Students are always excited to take home the small bones they find!


Fascinating Feathers!

Feathers are the feature that make birds unique from all other animals, and they're not just for flying! In this program, students will learn all about this unique bird adaptation, getting an up-close look at many types of feathers and learning about their different functions through discussion and hands-on activities. 


The Best Nest 

Raising a baby bird is a big job! In this program, students will investigate the nesting cycle, from making a nest to keeping the babies fed. We'll get an up-close look at several different types of nests and play a game to learn about the obstacles birds face when raising their young. Students will also learn ways they can help nesting birds in their own backyards.


Our educational outreach programs are offered for a charge of $60.00 per hour. Title I schools and other high needs organizations may qualify for discounted or free programs. A mileage fee for travel to and from programs is charged at $0.50/mile. For additional program details or to book a program, contact the Director of Education, Melanie Furr, by email at or phone at 678.973.2437.