The Brown-headed Nuthatch is a non-migratory species identified as declining in Georgia by authorities including the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and National Audubon Society. Their preferred habitat of pine woodlands has been disappearing due to urbanization and deforestation. The Audubon Climate Report further adds that the Brown-headed Nuthatch’s current preferred breeding habitat will essentially disappear under current climate trajectories. Georgia will join Audubon North Carolina in bringing the Brown-headed Nuthatch's plight to light and help this common, yet declining, species regain nesting opportunities in its native range.


No More Nuthatches? Not in my Backyard!

Brown-headed Nuthatch by John Deitsch


It all started in 2015 with 90 Nest Boxes for Nuthatches, conducted by the Georgia Audubon Council and funded by a grant from National Audubon Society. Georgia Audubon chapters placed 90 nestboxes around the state. In 2016, the program was expanded and the public was encouraged to join the effort by placing nest boxes on their property. To date, more than 400 nest boxes have been installed! Atlanta Audubon continues to encourage property owners to put up a nest boxes to provide much-needed habitat for this iconic southern bird.


How YOU Can Make a Little Room for Brown-headed Nuthatches


To date, we've sold more than 350 additional boxes to Georgia resident interested in helping this species. If you'd like to join our efforts, you can:


1. Order a nest box through Atlanta Audubon - Atlanta Audubon Society sells Brown-headed Nuthatch boxes in our online store. Click HERE to go to the store. The boxes are made of repurposed wood and have an easy-to-open front panel to make it easy to monitor and clean your next box. Boxes are $35 each plus tax. Boxes may be picked up at the Atlanta Audubon office on Roswell Road or the box can be shipped to your home for an additional $10.


2. Your local Bird Watchers Supply Company and Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) stores also carry nesting boxes with the smaller 1’’ opening or 1” excluders that can be affixed to nesting boxes with larger openings. The Garden Enthusiast located at 2316 D Main Street in Tucker also carries nest boxes, excluders, and portal protectors. 


3. If you prefer a do-It-yourself solution, you can build your own using these one of these designs:

- Georgia Department of Natural Resources plans

- North American Bluebird Society plans


4. Install your nest box - Click here for some useful information on installing and caring for your nest box.


5. Register your nest box - Register your box with NestWatch and monitor the activity throughout the year. This is key to understanding how successful the nest boxes are in supporting the birds.


6. Send a photo - Please let us know you have installed a box by emailing us a photo at


Click here for our printable information sheet with facts and all you need to know to create a home for the Brown-headed Nuthatch.