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City of Atlanta, Highwoods Properties, and Southface Pledge to Turn Lights Out for BirdsSouthface Newsletter, April 20, 2017


Audubon Volunteers are Counting Bluebirds and Nuthatches to Better Understand Climate Change

National Audubon Society, April 14, 2017 


Death Toll Rising for Birds In Atlanta

CBS 46, April 3, 2017


Atlanta Audubon Society Issues Lights Out Atlanta Challenge

WSB-TV People to People, March 28, 2017


Turn Off Lights to Save Birds says Atlanta Audubon Society

WABE 90.1 News, March 24, 2017


The Atlanta Audubon Society Partners with the Atlanta Better Buidlings Challenge to Create Lights Out Atlanta

Southface Newsletter, March 23, 2017


Turn Off Unnecessary Outdoor Lighting to Reduce Bird Deaths: Atlanta Audubon Society

Saporta Report, March 22, 2017


14 Fun Bird Events to Fill Your Spring Weekends

National Audubon Society Website, March 2017


Atlanta Audubon Society Bird Walks

Atlanta Journal Constitution, March 6, 2017


Atlanta Audubon Program Aims to Help Brown-headed Nuthatches

Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 17, 2017


Become a Citizen Scientist in Great Backyard Bird Count

Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 10, 2017


Birdwatchers Needed for Global Project

People to People, Channel 2, February 13, 2017


Give Back Connection, Citizen Scientists Needed for Bird Count

Atlanta Journal Consititution, February 11, 2017


Atlanta Citizen Scientists Needed for 2017 Great Backyard Bird Count

Southeast Green, February 8, 2017


Visiting Winter Hummingbird Draws other Guests

Charles Seabrook, Atlanta Journal Constitution, January 27, 2017


Amana Academy Students Work to Save Bird Species in Decline

North Fulton Neighbor, January 17, 2017


Despite Wicked Weather, Several Species Sighted During Audubon Society Bird Count

Sally Sears, CBS 46, Jan. 8, 2017




A Century-Old Christmas Tradition: Counting Birds

WABE News, December 19, 2016


Annual Christmas Bird Counts are Underway

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dec. 16, 2016


Nature Trail in Dekalb County Helps Pollintors Thrive

Dekalb Neighbor, Nov. 23, 2016


Audubon Society Names Oakhurst Dog Park a Wildlife Sanctuary

Decaturish, Nov. 22, 2016


Atlanta Audubon Rolls out Project Safe Flight Atlanta to Protect Birds

WSB TV, People to People, Oct. 30, 2016


Atlanta Project Aims to Prevent Bird-Building Collisions

WABE News, Oct. 13, 2016


September is Prime Time for Bird Migration

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sept. 2, 2016


Neighbors Warn of Owl Attacks in Buckhead Park

WSB TV, August 30, 2016


Southern Company to Fund Waterway Conservation Projects in Georgia

Atlanta Business Chronicle, July 26, 2016


Atlanta Audubon Society Featured on AIB TV's GROW Episode

AIB Network, July 21, 2016


Georgia's Summers May Become Event Hotter, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Consititution, June 17, 2016


Jason Ward: Blazing a Trail

Birder's Guide, May 2016


Collisions with Buildings Takes Heavy Toll on Birds, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Consititution, April 15, 2016




Creating Bird-friendly Communities in Atlanta's Urban Tributaries

Public Affairs on Peach, August 22, 2015


Oglethorpe Museum Brings back Docents, by Martha Nodar

Reporter Newspapers, June 12, 2015


90 Nest Boxes for Nuthatches, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Consitution, January 3, 2015




Preparing your yard for baby birds, by Jim Loznika

CBS46 Atlanta, May 21, 2014




Take a walk to see fall bird migration, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Aug. 23, 2013


What's a 'Seahawk' anyway? by Jill Vejnoska

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 10, 2013


Birds still thrive in amid Atlanta's asphalt and concrete, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jan. 3, 2013




Green spaces help make cities livable, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jun. 29, 2012


First-of-the-season Scarlet Tanager wows bird-watchers, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Apr. 19, 2012


How to attract more birds to your yard, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mar. 13, 2012


Learning how to become a master birder, by Charles Seabrook

Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Feb. 15, 2012