Conservation Advocacy


Atlanta Audubon Society is the leading voice for the birds in Atlanta and north Georgia. Atlanta Audubon watches vigilantly for harmful activities that could affect birds or undermine the integrity of bird habitat. Many birds found in Georgia are migratory and stop in Georgia only briefly before continuing their journey to other continents. Therefore, our work to inform decision makers about legislation and policies that benefit or threaten birds and their habitat involves local, state, national, and, occasionally, international concerns.


From clean air and water to support for the nation’s iconic national parks and national wildlife refuges to climate change and pesticide use, many of the same issues that touch people also touch birds. In addition, protections for birds conferred by such milestone legislation as the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act and the Endangered Species Act have long-term implications for people along with more immediate impact on birds.


Atlanta Audubon Values


The following are a list of values for which Atlanta Audubon Society advocates.  These values guide us in our programmatic work:


  • We believe that where birds thrive, people thrive;

  • We believe everyone in Metro Atlanta should have access to bird-friendly habitats, as the benefits of healthy bird populations and high bird diversity are exceptional, irreplaceable, and invaluable to all members of the community;

  • We believe in maximizing the number of native plants in any outdoor space;

  • We believe that maximizing structural diversity of a small habitat is the best strategy for encouraging use by a variety of Piedmont bird species;

  • We believe in maximizing the urban/suburban tree canopy;

  • We believe in minimizing sterile, monoculture outdoor spaces, including large swaths of turf grass, for the benefit of birds, insects, and other wildlife;

  • We believe in minimizing the number of exotic plants in any outdoor space;

  • We believe in managing invasive native plants to allow for a higher diversity of native plants;

  • We believe in eliminating the widespread use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and rodenticides in the environment. We understand and support the limited, responsible use of targeted herbicides for habitat restoration and management in controlling exotic and invasive species;

  • Domestic and feral cats are not a part of the natural ecosystem. We believe that domestic cats should be kept indoors and that outdoor feral cat colonies should not be supported in any way;

  • We believe in taking action to reduce bird-building collisions and other hazards to birds in the built environment;

  • We believe that new development can be bird-safe and encourage the use of techniques that reduce loss of natural habitat and use of materials and design that minimizes bird collisions;

  • We believe in reducing the effects of climate change in order to reduce the negative shifts and potential collapse of local bird populations.



Conservation issues


Below is a list of conservation issues which Atlanta Audubon has recently addressed:


  • Wetlands and Clean Water

  • Neotropical Migratory Birds Conservation Act

  • Endangered Species Act

  • Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels

  • Transmission Lines/Wind Power

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

  • Neonicotinoids in plants that affect birds and other pollinators

  • Marsh Development Setback rules on Georgia coast


Get Involved!


We depend on our growing list of Important Bird People (IBP) to help us safeguard birds and bird habitats. IBPs help strengthen the work of Atlanta Audubon by monitoring topics or areas of interest to them and reporting back to the Advocacy Committee. If you are interested in becoming an Important Bird Person, please reach out to Amanda Woomer, Advocacy Chair.



Support on Local Issues


Although there are many worthy causes that warrant attention, Atlanta Audubon Society has a policy regarding where we focus our efforts. Therefore, we use a decision making rubric to determine conservation issues on which we will speak out. Generally, we will only offer support on issues that will have broad impacts on birds and their habitats. We do not get involved in local property issues, such as small-scale development or specific, single-neighborhood issues. 


If you are interested in speaking out regarding the contruction of lighted communications towers, Atlanta Audubon has developed a letter template that members may use to inform decision makers of the risk these towers pose to birds. Click here to download the template.


In addition to Atlanta Audubon Society, there are other conservation agencies and government organizations that may provide support: 



For additional information, please contact by email our Advocacy Chair